Investment activities

Investment amount in fixed assets by large and medium-sized enterprises for 5 years

Complex support for investors:

  • protection of investors' rights
  • one contact principle
  • extension of land parcels
  • preferences for investors
  • state guarantees

One contact principle for investment projects support in Chelyabinsk

  • Connection to the engineering infrastructure
  • Investment attraction
  • Formation of project teams among representatives of business, government, science
  • Selection of industrial sites
  • Business consulting support


Council on improving the investment climate, formed to develop proposals for improving the investment climate in Chelyabinsk city

The Council consists of deputies of the Chelyabinsk City Duma, representatives of local government bodies of the municipal entity "Chelyabinsk city", administrations of the inner city districts, public associations, including public associations of entrepreneurs, organizations of all ownership forms directly involved in the investment process or providing it with resources and infrastructure.

Deputy Head of Chelyabinsk City for Economic Development and Investments Izvekov Oleg Borisovich

Investment and Innovation Development Agency of Chelyabinsk City

Support of the investment projects on the one contact principle