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Industrial park NPP

The goal of the project is to create a second full-fledged industrial park in Chelyabinsk and to concentrate on one territory enterprises with a common field of activity and using a single available engineering infrastructure.

The production site has all the necessary infrastructure: gas supply, electricity, water supply and sanitation, heating networks, access roads and loading and unloading tracks.

A number of enterprises operate on the territory: a plant for the production of modifiers for cast iron and steels (special ferroalloys used to change or improve the properties of castings); a logistics warehouse center that provides services for storing, receiving and sending goods by rail and road; an enterprise for the production of electrical energy; company for the production of insulation material made of foamed extruded polystyrene.

Area of land:

The total perspective - 27.33 hectares,

of which at the moment the management company owns 12.77 hectares


Unfinished area:

total - 19.78 hectares, of them in the property - 5.22 hectares.


Electric power:

Perspective - 23 MW

At the moment: 1.3 MW - city networks + 1 MW - own generation, only 2.3 MW


Gas supply:

Perspective (taking into account the construction of a new gas pipeline) - 6394 m3 / h

At the moment - 1022 m3 / hour


Water supply, water disposal - urban networks

At the moment, water supply and wastewater make up 20 m3 / day.


Heat supply - a boiler house (2 boilers), heat recovery of gas-generating plants (at present the boiler and gas-generator plant together give 2 MW).


Partner: Management company "Industrial Company NPP" LLC

Venue of the location: Chelyabinsk, st. Vodrem 40, 25

Amount of investment: 800 million rubles

Implementation period: 2019-2027 year